About Us

We have been importing sponges and selling online since 2005. At PureSponges you are spoilt for choice because we have a comprehensive selection of sponge types and sizes avaialble.
Each sea sponge is individually photographed and therefore the sponges that you will receive, will look exactly as the photos that you have viewed, which makes us different from the rest. We trade worldwide and aim to conduct our business in the most environmental friendly way possible.

PureSponges Environmental Policy

We only sell sponges that are carefully harvested from controlled areas. Sponges are inspected by the relevant Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and certified for export. Some of our suppliers have been in the sponge harvesting business for over 300 years and we feel privileged to help to sustain these family businesses.

PureSponges is concerned about protecting our environment and looks at the total operation of the company for opportunities to recycle, reduce waste, and incorporate post consumer materials in our daily activities. In our offices we use the reverse sides of paper for rough drafts, and routinely recycle toner cartridges, paper, aluminum, glass, Styrofoam and plastic bags. We print our advertising material on recycled paper whenever possible, and incorporate recycled paper in our office usage. Our shipping department recycles packing boxes and whenever possible re-use void-fill material from incoming shipments.