Car Wash

Natural Sea Sponges for Car Washing 

Natural Sea Sponges: The sophisticated accessory for the sophisticated car owner. 

Natural Sea Wool or Honeycomb sponges combined with a top grade shampoo are unrivalled when it comes to washing your car.  
Natural sea Sponges are paint-safe:
  • Dirt and grime are lifted away from paintwork into the thousands of openings in the sponge
  • No surface scratching and swirl marks
  • Big sponges cover larger areas to reduce the point of contact on paintwork
  • Natural Sponges soak up a vast amount of water and soapy suds
  • Allow you to apply consistent and gentle pressure on the delicate paintwork
  • Effortless cleaning - Natural sponges are extraordinary pliable
  • Delicate, soft, durable and long lasting
  • Sea sponges are Self-cleaning: water flushes easily through the openings in the sponge to flush out dirt and grime
  • Synthetic sponges frequently hold on to abrasive particles leading to paint damage
  • Used by car enthusiasts all over the world
  • Eco friendly: these sponges are bio-degradable